Simply put, a Sleep Consultant helps parents increase their child’s ability to sleep.

Here’s a more detailed answer: A Sleep Consultant will help you teach your child how to go to sleep and stay asleep for longer periods of time. There are many opinions (positive and negative) about the need to teach young children, especially infants, how to sleep.  Some people believe that children will learn to sleep on their own when they are ready to.

I believe that sleeping is an art that can be taught in a calm gentle manner.  Your child may cry, but they do not have to “Cry It Out”.  Once a child’s sleep improves, they are better able to cope with daily life. There will be more smiling, laughing and an overall happy demeanor for both the adult(s) and the child.

Children that are not getting enough sleep can be very energetic (“bouncing off the walls”), easily irritated, clingy or super moody.  If the previous sentence describes your child, a Sleep Consultant can help.  I became a Sleep Consultant to help families just like yours.

As a Sleep Consultant I will:

  • Ask questions about current routines, behaviours, successes and points of difficulty
  • Find out your preferred parenting style
  • Give you information about sleep/sleep cycles
  • Develop a step by step sleep plan for your child
  • Guide you through the sleep plan
  • Provide you with follow up after you have started the sleep plan
  • Make any adjustments or changes as needed in the two weeks following implementation of the plan
  • Support and encourage you through the whole process

Personally, I believe there is nothing more beautiful than a sleeping child.

SEveryone is entitled to their own beliefs regarding using a Sleep Consultant.  If you want your child’s sleep to improve run to the phone or send a quick e-mail to sign up for a free fifteen-minute conversation with me.

Happy sleeping, everyone!

Brenda McSween
[email protected]