Be The Parent You Want To Be

Be The Parent You Want To Be

ParentLife with children would be so much easier if they came with an individual operating manual. They do not come with a manual but there is a great deal of information and advice available for you to read or listen to. The information is often conflicting which can lead to confusion.  I am on a mission to empower people to be the parent they want to be by assisting families with finding tools that work for them.

It is heartbreaking to me when I hear, “I’m such a bad mom” or “I’m such a bad dad” (yes, I have heard this).  Yes, bad choices happen.

If you made an inappropriate parenting choice, fix it and move on.  An inappropriate parenting choice is whatever you believe it to be.  Some people beat themselves up if their child cries and others beat themselves up because they are okay with letting their child cry.  As long as your child is safe and not in danger (no abuse happening) it is your choice about how you parent your child.  Please stop comparing yourself to other parents. You are the only you!

It is helpful that all parents/guardians are on the same page; however, they do not have to parent identically.  My husband and I have the same belief system but often do things a little different.  I will openly admit that there are times when I take over in a situation.  This causes my husband to think he is an inferior parent.  I feel that my husband is an awesome parent so there are times that you may see blood dripping as I bite my tongue or me sitting on my hands.  My husband is just as capable as me, we just do some things differently.  This is also the same for many of my friends and family members.  Some of my friends parent similar to me and others do not.  I do not feel I have the right to judge them because they do things differently.  As long as the person is happy and things are going well, let them be!

Parenting FoundationsEmbrace your parenting style and be happy being the parent you want to be!!! Pick what works for you and be consistent. If someone does not like how you parent it is their issue and not yours!

Now go have fun parenting the way you want!