Toddler Clock: A Parent’s Best Friend

Toddler Clock: A Parent’s Best Friend


Have you been dreaming of sleeping until at least 7:00 AM? Would you like to teach your child to sleep in a bit later?  I am hearing you yell, “YES!”

Using the Toddler Clock can Improve your sleep. I kid you not. A Toddler Clock can become your best friend.

I never thought I would love a gadget as much as I love our son’s clock.  There are times I would love to be able to give that clock a hug or a high five.

A good example would be this morning: I woke up at 6:40 AM and just wanted a few extra minutes of sleep.  I was drifting off when I heard our young man singing in his room.  I was able to rest as our son will stay in his bed until the “sun comes up.”  Bliss I tell you!

The bad news: It does not work for all children but it is worth a try.  I suggest introducing the clock around the age of 2 to 2.5. Also, just because it was not successful at one time it does not mean it will not be successful now.

Tips to increase success with the use of a clock


Find a clock that will not be too bright. Too much light can interrupt your child’s ability to produce the melatonin needed to have a good sleep.  Most clocks will have a setting where you can turn the brightness of the clock down.  Our son’s clock has the brightness turned down to zero so he cannot see the clock at night; however, the “sun” is bright in the morning.

Set the clock at their regular wake up time. This sounds a bit crazy but when you set the clock to their current natural wake up they will experience the success of waiting until the sun comes up.

Increase the time in 5 to 15-minute increments. Once your child has had a few successful days then change the time by 5 to 15 minutes. Then follow this process until you get to your desired time.

Immediate reward. Toddlers/Preschool-aged children do well with a reward they do not have to wait for. If you do not believe in reward systems, then stick with the verbal praise or gestures.  The reward can simply be praise, high fives, “happy dance”, stickers, or a tv show they like to watch.


The previous steps are the ones we used when we introduced the clock to our little man.  He was just about 2.  It took a few weeks of patience.  There have been times that we have not turned the clock on properly and he stayed in his bed for 30 minutes more than normal. I was amazed. Here is hoping you have great luck with a toddler clock as well. Happy sleeping, everyone!