5 Tips for Dressing Your Baby

5 Tips for Dressing Your Baby

http://www.joinedatthehip.caIt is my pleasure to have Miranda from Joined at the Hip as a guest blogger. I asked Miranda to provide advice on dressing our little ones. As a mom to three beautiful little girls, Miranda had to quickly figure out how to dress her daughters in a timely fashion. Miranda has developed an amazing clothing line that helps take the stress out of dressing an infant or toddler.

Five Tips for Dressing Your Baby

I’ve dressed a baby or two in the last few years.  I have three gorgeous little girls and I’ve learned a lot from them.  They are the reason that Joined At The Hip exists and the experience of dressing them has heavily influenced the features of my styles.  Here are my top 5 tips for dressing your baby:

  1. Dress your baby in one extra layer than you’d wear.  For example: If you would wear jeans and a long-sleeved shirt, then baby would do best in a long-sleeved outfit plus a light sweater.
  2. 11181442_346389652217420_1642005965_oTo tell if baby is hot or cold don’t judge by the temperature of their hands. Instead, check their back or neck.  Babies generally have poor circulation so their hands and feet often feel cold even if they are not.
  3. Look for clothing made from 100% cotton.  Cotton is soft and gentle on a baby’s skin and is 100% natural, so it is non-allergenic.  Cotton washes well, aerates baby’s skin and wicks moisture, but do note that it will shrink up to 10%. All J.A.T.H. outfits are made from 100% cotton.
  4. Avoid pieces that snap in the back.  Generally baby will be lying on their back while you dress them so doing up those snaps is a giant pain in the…back.  Heh heh.
  5. Try to make it fun!  If you sing songs and make silly faces, baby will be less resistant to getting dressed.  Play peek-a-boo with an item before you put it on or blow a giant raspberry on that soft little baby tummy.

headshot1Hope this was helpful.  Have a fabulous day!