Success Stories


I am thrilled to have a job where I can use my skills as a Sleep Consultant and Parent Advisor to help families change, grow and become stronger. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with some truly amazing families. I am honoured to have been a be part of their transformations. I know I can do the same for you – but I’ll let “my families” tell you:

We started working with Brenda when our son was three months old. We had so many sleep issues to handle and were desperate for a solution – he would only nap when being held, I was nursing him to sleep and he was still waking up three to five times a night (and sometimes more). 

Brenda was incredibly patient as we worked through each issue, providing helpful suggestions and being very responsive. By the end of our consultation with Brenda, our little one was napping in his crib,  able to go to sleep on his own, and his night wakings were reduced. 

It’s such a relief to have a bedtime routine that actually works, in 45 minutes, instead of spending hours trying to get the little guy asleep in his crib! We are so glad that we decided to work through sleep coaching and are so thankful that Brenda was recommended to us.


When I called Brenda McSween, my baby was 10 weeks old and had not yet slept in his crib.  For the first 8 weeks, he would only sleep on my chest and the two weeks following he would allow me to put him in a co-sleeper, but I wanted him in his crib.  He would also only nap in my arms.  My first meeting with Brenda was great, we went through all our issues regarding sleep and Brenda was very supportive and created a strategy on how we could tackle sleep training.  That very night my little guy slept in his crib.  Following our initial consult, Brenda provided fantastic e-mail and phone support when we were dealing with some of the challenges that come with sleep training in the first couple of weeks.  I really enjoyed working with Brenda and would contact her again, should any further sleep challenges arise.


Our 8-month old daughter was waking several (up to 6) times a night to feed, and my husband and I were not getting more than two hours sleep at a time. We were both exhausted and didn’t know what to do. 

I received Brenda’s information through my Mommy Connections class and we decided to give her a call. I was reluctant because I am not the type of mother that could let my baby “cry it out”. I spoke to Brenda and she explained that she uses a more gentle and gradual approach. We decided to proceed. 

Brenda came up with a personalized sleep plan for our baby based on a questionnaire and within 2 weeks our daughter was sleeping up to 12 hours a night with 0-1 wake ups! Nap times also became less difficult and longer. What really changed was that our baby learned how to fall asleep on her own without me having to breastfeed her to sleep. My husband can now put our baby to sleep which has taken a lot of pressure off of me! 

Throughout the sleep training, Brenda was consistently supportive and that was a huge factor in our success. She is knowledgeable, patient, kind, and helpful. We are so glad we called and asked for her help. I have already recommended her to others and would be glad to do so again. Thank you, Brenda, for changing our lives! We are all sleeping better now because of you. 


When I had reached out to Brenda, I was so overtired and so scared of nap times and bed times. I knew it didn’t have to be this way, but I didn’t know how to make it better.

After following Brenda’s custom plan for our 10-month-old son, the very first night, he slept for 11 hours straight (a solid night sleep I had not had since before getting pregnant). My husband and I were shocked. We had no idea how impactful a few soft adjustments could be for our son. 

His sleep has changed our lives! We not only have more time alone, we have more time with our son that is happy and stress-free. I feel rested and confident to return to work, and I feel like we are setting our son up to be a good sleeper – which is a life long skill. 

When we contacted Brenda we didn’t realize how broken our system was, and now I feel that we are all happier, well-rested, and better able to cope with the daily challenges of being new parents. I completely recommend Brenda, and I only wish I had contacted her sooner!

Thank you for giving us a piece of ourselves back!

Erin and Brent

I have to say a huge thank you to Brenda! My house was a crazy house at night, most nights I was lucky to get two hours sleep and it was scattered sleep. We started our sleep program last Saturday night and it’s unbelievable where we are at now. I have three kids that are actually sleeping. Before my youngest would wake at least ten times a night, and now he has slept through four nights, only waking once. My older two have been doing fantastic. I am sleeping all night which feels amazing. Thank you so much Brenda you have changed our lives!


I originally was very reluctant to hire a sleep consultant but after three months of my 8-month-old daughter waking every hour and a half during the night and only napping for 20 minutes twice a day, I was at my wit’s end. 

I discussed the sleep issues with our doctor and was told to put “Little A” to bed later and limit naps so she would sleep better. That just made it worse. 

Brenda spoke at a mommy and me class I was in with my daughter and I knew right away she would be able to help us. She has been amazing. She came out to our house and talked about our concerns and went over our new sleep plan working with us and our parenting style. I was so nervous, but Brenda was really supportive and encouraging. 

I am happy to say that “Little A” is now sleeping through the night, occasionally waking once or twice but will put herself back to sleep. And she’s napping for an hour and a half to two hours twice a day. 

My daughter is a totally different girl now and is much happier, less clingy and eating so much better. We still have some nights where she doesn’t sleep well, but Brenda has given us the foundation to get her back sleeping well. Thank you so much for changing our lives.


Joining the Parenting Foundations group has been one of the best things I have done as a new mom! It has been comforting to connect with others who might be experiencing the same challenges, and great to learn from those who are working through situations I had not even considered yet!
Above all else, Brenda has been such an incredible source of support for me personally – but I can also tell how much she truly cares for everyone in the group. Whenever I have a question or concern, she is able to put my mind at ease and provide great advice and reassurance.
Sleep training, and simply learning about all the different transitions babies/toddlers go through, is SO daunting. But Brenda has been able to help me make sense of each stage as I go through it…..and sometimes repeatedly when I am suffering from baby brain! 🙂
Thanks for being there for all of us, Brenda!