I read an article that struck me. The article is from Baltimore’s Best Mix 1065FM it is titled “Trendy Moms Don’t Want to Be Called “Mom” Anymore, They Want to Be Called This”.

I was like “Hell No, I am proud he calls me Mom!”

This brought a whole lot of emotion forward. I worked hard to become a Mom and a Damn proud one at that!

Before I was blessed with a little man to call me Mom I was blessed with 2 awesome StepSons that have a Mom so I was (and still am) “Brenda”. Both of my Stepsons know that I love them dearly. I wanted desperately to be a Mom. I was not sure I was going to be able to have a child.

I distinctly remember sitting on the floor crying. I was putting names on storage boxes. I wrote each of my Stepsons names on a storage box and then I wrote “Dad” on a storage box. When it came time to label the storage box for me I broke into tears.  My husband asked what was going on. I simply responded “I don’t know if I will ever get to be “Mom”. He just gave me a big hug!

About a year went by before we were blessed to welcome our youngest little man into the world! I am extremely proud to call him my son and over the moon happy he calls me “Mom”!!

From one Happy Mom!!