A child’s sleep is paramount. The more a child sleeps, the more content his/her entire family is.  It’s amazing that one little body can have such a huge impact on everyone and everything around him/her. As a caregiver for a little bundle of joy, you learn quickly or start researching how you can help your little one sleep.

I worked with children for over twenty years before having my own son. I do believe my education and experience was a great asset but it did not prepare me for the role of mom.  It assisted me with understanding developmental milestones and how to deal with a variety of behaviours not once was I taught the art of improving my child’s sleep.  This was something I learned on the fly.  I was able to find the magic that worked for us.

The one thing I had to really do was look at his whole day and not just his sleep schedule and pattern.  I learned that my little guy needs to be out and about exploring his world.

I am constantly on the go and I must be out of the house by 10 am or I have a toddler melting down on the floor.  The more we do, the better he sleeps, the better he sleeps, the saner I remain.  My focus is often what can we do so the little man will sleep well.

Here are some of my tips that improved my child’s sleep:

  • Physical exercise The more energy he burns the longer he sleeps.
  • Fresh air When we play outside he sleeps well
  • Food My little guy will stay asleep longer if he has had a good lunch or snack (fruit, veggie, and proteins).
  • Structure and routine The naptime and bedtime routine are quite similar.  The main difference is he gets one book at nap and three at bedtime.
  • Noise  We keep noise to a minimum and use a fan for white noise.
  • Blackout blinds A dark room is a must.

Here’s hoping your child has mastered the art of sleeping or will soon.

Happy sleeping!