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You are a few clicks away from accessing information and support that will bring you from being overwhelmed and exhausted to confident and energized!!

Does any of the following sound familiar?

You are not sure where to even start to change your child's behaviour..

You are exhausted and confused by all the information on the internet..

You do not want to be told that your child needs to cry to get better sleep..

Your child sleeps fine overnight but daytime sleep has you stumped..

Your child is sleeping just fine but you are questioning how to handle certain behaviours..

You like the idea of safe place to discuss your child's sleep or your child's behaviour or your parenting ideas..

You would love to have the help of a sleep consultant or parenting expert but paying a large sum of money has you concerend.

If you can relate to any of the statements above then you have found the right membership program for you!

Exclusive Access to Information

 Access to information on a variety of topics related to newborns and up.

Weekly Live Question and Answer

Access to courses on many different  topics, children’s behaviour and sleep.

Group Discussions

Share your ups and downs in a safe, moderated environment.

Private Facebook Group

Access to a Private Facebook Group for Members to discuss all topics.

Age-appropriate Information

Information pertaining to different ages and stages from Newborn to School-Aged.

One to One Conversations

You can send unlimited private messages to Parenting Foundations. (Yes this is true!)

Meet The Founder of Parenting Foundations…

Brenda McSween

Brenda is a Certified Sleep Consultant with a Bachelor of Child Studies Degree from Mount Saint Vincent University. Brenda has been a Sleep Consultant since 2013 and began working with children over 25 years ago.

In 2010, Brenda was blessed with marrying her sweet heart who happened to have 2 amazing boys. Then in 2011, they all welcomed a sweet young boy into the world. It was then that the idea of actually starting this dream business became a reality.

Brenda’s dream was to connect families with the information that helps them be the parent they want to be.

Parenting does have its challenges. It is made is easier with increased sleep, knowledge support and encouragement that can be found when you become a member of Parenting Foundations.

 What People Are Saying About Parenting Foundations Membership…

I am very grateful to know when I need advice and I’m stressed out about kid things you are there for me! 

We definitely have our ups and downs and having a solid support network is what keeps filling our cups full of happiness and success.

Brenda is caring and approachable. She has helped me get from sleeping with my baby on my chest to him sleeping in his crib.

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