This is a season of giving gifts.   The shopping malls are crazy busy.  People are running into each other as they rush from place to place.  I lost count how many times someone bumped into me or cut me off without an apology when I was shopping.

We we2012-12-25 07.18.07re a brave family (some may say silly) today and we went shopping at Costco.  Yikes!  We literally had a lady grab the scallops we were reaching for.  Last darn bag!  I took a deep breath and asked if there were more. Phew, there were 2 bags left.  I could have been greedy and took both, but decided to be nice and left the second bag for someone else to enjoy.  Lots of people were getting frustrated and cranky with each other.  I was brought back to reality when my little man started shouting with glee!  He was so happy it was contagious.  He was laughing and saying “Mommy brrr”.  We were in the walk in fridge for vegetables.  From that point on we had fun!  Thanks for the reality check young man!  Shopping should be fun, especially when it is with loved ones.

Growing up, my poor mother always stressed at this time of year.  Did she get enough, will everyone be happy, and did she bake/cook enough?  Many times I tried to let her know I’d be happy with anything.  Now as a mom myself I realize why she was always stressed.

I did find myself wondering if I bought all the right things, are they going to love the material objects I got for them.  This is a stress I often feel at this time of year then I had my light bulb moment!  Here goes…

I can buy my boys every material object in the world; however, it would not replace the greatest gifts I give them.  My greatest gifts are:

  1. Patience
  2. Acceptance
  3. Nurturance
  4. Understanding
  5. Forgiveness
  6. Love
  7. And of course, the gift of sleep (best thing we taught our youngest boy)

This is a great time of year to reflect on what are the gifts you give your family.  I hope you all realize your true gifts.

Merry Christmas and happy sleeping, everyone!